A panel of judges, independent of ATAS International, Inc., will determine the winners. Any projects, large or small, featuring ATAS metal panels are encouraged to participate. Enter as many projects as you like. Project(s) selected by the judges will be published in national trade publications and recognized as ATAS Project of the Year during our annual Customer Appreciation Day in May.


  • Anyone submitting a project must complete a project entry form by November 30th. Any submissions received after November 30th will be considered for the following year.
  • Any projects completed within the preceding calendar year are eligible.
  • Each submission must include at least one digital file (preferably more than one) showing comprehensive and/or close-up views of the project. Files should be high quality (500 kb minimum) in a .jpg file format (suitable for print).
  • There is no entry fee, however, material submitted becomes the property of ATAS and may be used for future promotional activities.
  • ONLY product profiles manufactured by ATAS International, Inc. will be judged.
  • Entry categories include Commercial Roofs, Commercial Walls, Residential Roofs, Residential Walls, Accents, and Interiors.