ATAS International, Inc. manufactures metal roof, wall, and ceiling systems in accordance with the highest standards of engineering and design. High quality fastening systems are included as a stock accessory offering to ensure that these high standards are continued with the product installation.

  • Full stainless steel pop rivets and stainless cap head screws for exceptional corrosion resistance.
  • TRI-SEAL™ dip spin long life coated screw shanks offer excellent resistance against weathering and corrosion factors, including salt water.
  • VRT® (Vibration Resistance Thread) screw designed to significantly increase back-out torque from expansion and contraction vibration, reducing the potential for leaks.
  • Pancake head clip fasteners utilize a square recess drive to provide stability during installation and lessen the potential for stripping of fasteners.

ATAS International, Inc. offers painted and unpainted fasteners to suit your project needs. Typically, unpainted fasteners are used for concealed fastener systems while the painted fasteners are used for the exposed fastener systems.