Gaten Series | Architectural Systems

Perforated metal panels offer unlimited flexibility and extensive design variations. Architecturally, they can be used for decorative applications, signage, panel infills, ornamental contrast, ceilings, walls, grills, dividers, acoustical surfaces, and more.

ATAS offers numerous hole size and placement combinations for perforated metal panels. While standard rounds holes are the most economical, custom shapes and variations are available at an additional cost and with design limitations.

An aluminum substrate is recommended for all exterior perforated applications due to its inherent corrosion-resistant properties.


Six standard patterns available:

  • A13: ⅛” holes, 3⁄16″ staggered centers, 40% open area
  • A15: ⅛” holes, ¼” staggered centers, 23% open area
  • A23: 1⁄4″ holes, ½” staggered centers, 23% open area
  • A24: ⅜” holes, ½” staggered centers, 51% open area
  • A19: 3⁄16″ holes, 5⁄16″ staggered centers, 33% open area
  • A25: ⅜” holes, 9⁄16″ staggered centers, 40% open area


A perforation pattern is specified as follows:

Hole Size x Center to Center Distance x Orientation and the Open Area Produced
Example: ATAS Standard Pattern “A23” is:  .25” x .5” OC Staggered, 23% OA
Translation: The holes are ¼” in diameter, spaced ½” apart center-center diagonally at a 60 degree angle, which produces 23% open area, or metal loss – 23% of the metal is removed.