Job Handling Tips

Job Handling Tips Document Objectives:

Transport, unload and store materials to prevent physical damage to the panels, scuffing of the finish and damage due to corrosion.

Identify steps to prevent corrosion during transit and storage by:

Identify steps to prevent corrosion during transit and storage by:

  • Reducing site storage time
  • Decreasing water contact
  • Moderating temperature extremes

Highlight requirements to safeguard protective, strippable film by preventing UV exposure and minimizing exposure to high heat and moisture so the masking can be easily removed after installation.

Provide tips on correct procedures so as to avoid costly, time-consuming and annoying field problems.

Document Disclaimer: This document is intended as a guideline to identify generally accepted practices for transit, handling and storage of products and materials. It does not address the adequacy of the handling equipment or safety practices inherent in handling sheet metal and operating various types of equipment. Unusual site or load conditions are also beyond the scope of this document. Care must be taken to ensure crate is correctly balanced. ATAS assumes no responsibility or liability for the use of the information or damages incurred during the material handling process.

proper equipment for job handling tips
Tip: Use proper equipment for unloading and hoisting
proper storage for job handling tips
Proper storage and tarp cover
carrying techniques for job handling tips
Use proper carrying techniques and adequate manpower for transport