AIA & GBCI Approved Seminars

Continuing Education Provider


Qualified instructors conduct the seminars and encourage a question and answer session. Training can be held at an architect’s office, an industry association chapter meeting (such as AIA, CSI or USGBC), or at another convenient location.  All courses are approved by the AIA/CES for 1 LU/HSW, and three of the courses are approved by the GBCI for 1 CE hour.

If your office cannot hold a large group, or you would like to combine the seminar with other firms, ATAS will rent a meeting room at a hotel or other large gathering space to accommodate groups of 20 people and over.


ATAS offers one online education course, “Metal Roofing: History, Material, Application”, available below, and is approved by the AIA/CES for 1 LU/HSW.

Plant Tours

ATAS provides two plant tours for AIA learning units. Participants in the Morrisville, PA plant tour will experience the processes involved in the coating of metal coils. The plant tour held in Allentown, PA or Mesa, AZ provides a learning experience in manufacturing of metal components for building envelopes.  Both plant tours are approved by the AIA/CES for 1.5 LU/HSW.

Course Titles and Learning Objectives:

Metal Roofing: History, Material, and Application | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # MRH0319 | 1 LU/HSW

  • Observe and recognize the history of metal roofing and the different types of metal used
  • Explain the manufacturing process and the importance of finish coatings
  • Describe the difference between low slope roof systems and steep slope roof systems
  • Understand the environmental benefits, sustainable technology and the features of metal roofing
Demystifying Rain Screen Systems Utilizing Metal Wall Panels | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # ATA018 | 1 LU/HSW

  • Understand various types of rain screen wall systems
  • Identify importance of critical nature of air and water resistance barriers in energy efficiency
  • Discover and define the importance of integrating continuous insulation
  • Simplifying energy efficiency of rain screens utilizing insulated metal panels
Sustainable Building Envelopes | AIA & GBCI Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course #SBE0219 | GBCI Course # 0920001083 | 1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour

  • Learn how metal walls can use sunlight to provide the building with solar air heating
  • Discover how metal cladding on roof and walls can contribute to green building objectives, including LEED Certification
  • Explore cutting edge cool roof technologies, including UV reflective pigments and above sheathing ventilation
  • Understand how metal roofing can provide a solar ready platform for photovoltaic systems
Basic Room Acoustics and Sound Control Using Metal Panels | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # BRC0319 | 1 LU/HSW

  • Define sound and its physical properties, and identify how sound travels and interacts through a typical space
  • Examine the history of architectural acoustics, and utilize Wallace Sabine’s formula to convert Sabins in order to meet a specific area’s need for acoustical sound control
  • Understand Noise Reduction Coefficients (NRC), Ceiling Attenuation Class (CAC), Sound Transmission Class (STC), and how each helps in acoustical sound control
  • Demonstrate placement and alternative spaces to provide acoustical treatment within a given space
Design & Testing of Perimeter Edge Metal for Low-Slope Commercial Roofs | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # PEM0319 | 1 LU/HSW 

  • Identify on drawings or in the field the three roof conditions that utilize perimeter edge metal, and name the ANSI/SPRI standards written for those conditions
  • Use ANSI/SPRI ES-1 to calculate the vertical and horizontal negative pressures on perimeter edge due to wind
  • Specify in Division 7, Thermal and Moisture Protection, the three perimeter edge metal test methods required by code (IBC)
  • Recognize, when designing or specifying perimeter edge metal, three common perimeter edge metal design and installation errors, and explain how they can be avoided
Designing for the Effects of Wind on a Building – Tests and Reality | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # ATA017 A | 1 LU/HSW

  • Identify the types of metal roof panels and their performance capabilities and understand the test methods established for metal roof systems
  • Create specifications that identify the proper test methods to be included for the various roof products, styles and application
  • Recognize proper code requirements for metal roof and perimeter edge systems
  • Discover how actual field performance of products relates to test methods and procedures, and implement best practices
Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Panels - High Performing Systems in Design, Sustainability, and Operation | AIA & GBCI Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # IMP0519 | GBCI Course # 0920008173 | 1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour

  • Have a better understanding of insulated metal panels and components
  • Explain how insulated metal panels prevent air and vapor infiltration, increase thermal comfort for building occupants and improve building performance through
    increased energy efficiencies.
  • Compare insulated metal panels to traditional systems based on attributes, aesthetics, and performance.
  • Recognize the durability, thermal performance and energy efficiencies gained when using insulated metal panels vs. traditional systems and how they reduce their
    environmental impact.
  • Understand the criteria, attributes and sustainability benefits of Insulated Metal Panels and how they may qualify for credits under LEED (Leadership in Energy and
    Environmental Design).
Metal Coil Coating Technology - Processing and Performance of Prepainted Metal in the Building Products Industry | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # MCT0419 | 1 LU/HSW

  • Understand how a continuous coil coating line operates and the different processes which are involved
  • Recognize the importance of proper cleaning, pretreatment, primer and paint to achieve a quality coated metal coil
  • Discover the different test methods that are employed for quality control in the coil coating process
  • Realize the advantages that prepainted metal offers, including the energy and environmental benefits
Solar Air Heating | AIA & GBCI Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # SAH0519 | GBCI Course # 0920004680 | 1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour

  • Understand solar air heating and drying technology
  • Explain how transpired solar collectors function
  • Realize the features and benefits of transpired solar and the design considerations for feasibility
  • Describe the system components and installation of a transpired solar collector

Plant Tours and Objectives:

⚙ Plant Tour of a Facility which Manufactures Building Envelope Components from Metal | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # PMT0319 | 1.5 LU/HSW

Tour Held in Allentown, PA or Mesa, AZ

Participants in this plant tour will experience first-hand the processes in which metal components for the building envelope are manufactured.

Learning objectives:

  • Discover several types of metal used to create building envelope components, and understand the processes of metal roll forming, metal stamping and custom forming metal on a brake, to create a variety of different profiles and shapes.
  • Identify the importance of precision leveling metal prior to forming it into panel profiles, to eliminate the metal memory and to alleviate stressing of the metal in the roll forming process.
  • Recognize the differences of factory-formed metal panels versus those which are formed at the job site, by viewing the process of slowly forming metal through many forming stations, within a quality controlled environment.
  • Realize the customization that can be achieved within the metal forming processes to obtain particular aesthetics, to create ease of installation or to provide a solution to a project challenge. As well, understand how to integrate sustainable technologies into building construction and renovation using metal panel systems.
⚙ Plant Tour of a Metal Coil Coating Facility | AIA Approved

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # PTC0319 | 1.5 LU/HSW

Tour will be held in Morrisville, PA

Participants in this plant tour will experience first-hand the processes involved in the coating of metal coils.

Learning objectives:

  • Identify the importance of proper cleaning, pretreatment, primer and paint to achieve a quality coated metal coil which can then be used to manufacture architectural metal panels.
  • Understand the differences between wet chemistry pretreatments and dry-in-place pretreatments of metal in the coil coating process.
  • Discover the different types of industries that use coil coated metal in the manufacturing of their products, including architectural metal panels for the building envelope.
  • Realize the design ideas that can be achieved within the coil coating process to obtain particular aesthetics for the building envelope, with a variety of colors, print coats and laminates.