Techo Tile™ is a metal roof panel with a deep configuration in the form of an “S” or Spanish tile. The panel is installed vertically up the slope of the roof, with exposed fasteners and on a solid substrate. It is lightweight, allowing installation over an existing roof without the need for tear-off and disposal*. Typical applications for Techo Tile™ are commercial and residential roofing with a recommended minimum slope of 3:12. The tile also is suitable for mansards. Techo Tile™ has the look of a clay tile roof without the problems associated with its care.

*Subject to local codes
Florida Building Code Product Approval


.032 aluminum
Tile Coverage:
43” (39 3/4" coverage)
Tile Length:
Cut to customer specifications with a minimum of 18 1/2”, maximum to transportation limitations and/or product and project design considerations
Glazed (Smooth)
Traditional (Embossed)
Kynar 500® PVDF or Hylar 5000® PVDF
Colors: Choice of over 30 stock colors
A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge and finish or as specified
Minimum Slope: 3:12
Inquire for availability
Florida Building Code Product Approval

Techo Tile® is a registered trademark of ATAS International, Inc.
Kynar 500® is a trademark of Arkema Inc.
Hylar 5000® is a trademark of Solvay Solexis, Inc.


Details provided allow for typical expansion and contraction values of the metal cladding materials as provided by ATAS International, Inc only. Allowance must be made for additional sub-structure movement based upon materials used and overall project design.

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Private Residence, West Suffield, CT

Techo Tile, Redwood

Private Residence

Techo Tile, Siam Blue

Millienium Crossings, Norfolk, VA

Techo Tile, Mission Red

Private Residence, Warrenton, VA

Techo Tile, Mission Red

Hershey Park Intermodal Bus Terminal, Hershey, PA

Techo Tile, Forest Greet

LaQuinta Inn, Norfolk, VA

Techo Tile, Mission Red

Lorenzos, Uniontown, PA

Techo Tile, Coppertone

Saint Padre Pio Chapel, Gates, NY

Techo Tile, Mission Red

Chuy's Restaurant, Franklin, TN

Techo Tile, Mission Red

Beach Way Condos

Techo Tile, Black

Miller Building, Ashland, OH

Techo Tile, Mission Red

Delta Chi (Gingerbread House), Harrisonburg, VA

Techo Tile (SCT400), Mission Red

Las Margaritas Mexican Restaurant, Southampton, PA

TechoTile (SCT400), Mission Red

Plaza Azteca, Newport News, VA

TechoTile, Mission Red

Delp Chiropractic, Mount Airy, NC

Techo Tile (SCT400), Black

Morris Canal Plaza, Ledgewood, NJ

Techo Tile, Redwood and Regal Blue

Private Residence, Lewistown, PA

Techo Tile, Mission Red Embossed

Gulf Mariner Condos, Redington Shores, FL

Techo Tile, Mission Red


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