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Plant Tour of a Facility which Manufactures Metal Building Envelope Components

Tour Held in Allentown, PA or Mesa, AZ

Participants in this plant tour will experience first-hand the processes in which metal components for the building envelope are manufactured.

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover several types of metal used to create building envelope components, and understand the processes of metal roll forming, metal stamping and custom forming metal on a brake, to create a variety of different profiles and shapes.
  • Identify the importance of precision leveling metal prior to forming it into panel profiles, to eliminate the metal memory and to alleviate stressing of the metal in the roll forming process.
  • Recognize the differences of factory-formed metal panels versus those which are formed at the job site, by viewing the process of slowly forming metal through many forming stations, within a quality controlled environment.
  • Realize the customization that can be achieved within the metal forming processes to obtain particular aesthetics, to create ease of installation or to provide a solution to a project challenge. As well, understand how to integrate sustainable technologies into building construction and renovation using metal panel systems.

Plant Tour of a Metal Coil Coating Facility

Tour will be held in Morrisville, PA

Participants in this plant tour will experience first-hand the processes involved in the coating of metal coils.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify the importance of proper cleaning, pretreatment, primer and paint to achieve a quality coated metal coil which can then be used to manufacture architectural metal panels.
  • Understand the differences between wet chemistry pretreatments and dry-in-place pretreatments of metal in the coil coating process.
  • Discover the different types of industries that use coil coated metal in the manufacturing of their products, including architectural metal panels for the building envelope.
  • Realize the design ideas that can be achieved within the coil coating process to obtain particular aesthetics for the building envelope, with a variety of colors, print coats and laminates.

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