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    Demystifying Rain Screen Concepts Utilizing Metal Wall Panels (1 LU/HSW & 1 IIBEC CEH)Design & Testing of Perimeter Edge Metal for Low-Slope Commercial Roofs (1 LU/HSW)Designing for the Effects of Wind on a Building - Tests and Reality (1 LU/HSW & 1 IIBEC CEH)Designing with Metal Wall Panels (1 LU/HSW & 1 IIBEC CEH)Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Panels - High Performing Systems in Design, Sustainability, and Operation (1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour)Interior Acoustics and Sound Control Using Metal Panels (1 LU/HSW)Metal Coil Coating Technology - Processing and Performance of Prepainted Metal in the Building Products Industry (1 LU/HSW)Metal Roofing: History, Material, and Application (1 LU/HSW)Solar Air Heating (1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour)Sustainable Building Envelopes (1 LU/HSW, 1 GBCI CE Hour, & 1 IIBEC CEH)

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