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Compatible Metal Materials (Galvanic Reaction)

Galvanic-Reaction-Compatible-Metals-Materials.jpgATAS International makes every effort to address, alert, and avoid dissimilar metal situations.

Galvanic Reaction as Defined by MCA:
  • When different metals, and certain chemicals, are in contact with each other an electrochemical reaction takes place which adds to the corrosion and breakdown of the metals.  This reaction is known as galvanic reaction due to the chemical make-ups of the dissimilar metals.  [Chapter 3, Page 10 of the MCA Roofing installation Manual]

To Avoid Galvanic Reaction:
  • Pick compatible metals
    • Examples:
      • Copper and copper
      • Copper and stainless steel
      • Zinc and aluminum
Separate the incompatible metals with ice and water shield
Important: ensure copper is not above any other metals