Monarch™ Batten Seam

June 17, 2022

Monarch™ is a “batten” style panel with an integral batten and seam. The batten seam and lock are an integral part of the panel, and a vertical “leg” is formed as an extra water barrier. A clip is hooked over the leg; this allows for the expansion of the system. The panels interlock with each other. All clips and fasteners required to install the panel are concealed with the batten of the consecutive panel. Continuous panel lengths eliminate cross seams. Easy one-piece installation lowers on-site labor cost, and there are no extra caps or strips to install. Also, no special equipment is required to zip or seam the panels together. Can be installed on a roof or wall.

Product Information

  • .032, .040, .050* aluminum
  • 24, 22*, ga. metallic coated steel
  • 24 ga. 55% Al-Zn alloy coated steel with acrylic coating
  • 16 & 20 oz. copper
  • Panel Coverage: 8”, 12”, 16”(Stiffening ribs standard, specify without)
  • Minimum Panel Length: 4’-0”
  • Minimum Panel length: Transportation limitations and/or product and project design considerations
  • Smooth or stucco embossed
  • Choice of over 40 stock colors
  • Clear Satin and Dark Bronze Anodized
  • Custom colors and finished available*
  • Accessories: A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge, and finish or as specified