Gaten Series

October 2, 2023

 ATAS has the ability to provide a variety of panel option and perforation patters to enhance design or performance.

What is Gaten Series?

  • “Gaten” means holes in Dutch

Common Applications: 


  • Soffits
  • Screens 


  • Interior ceilings and walls
  • Exterior machinery enclosures 


  • Decorative applications
  • Brand identity
  • Ornamental contrasts
  • Sunscreen

Patterns and Considerations:

  • ATAS has six (6) standard round hole patterns
  • Holes cannot be smaller thqan the thickness of material
  • Loss of material results in strength reduction; this must be considered in application and design
  • Engineering review may be necessary
  • Small hole, less than 1/8” diameter, may hold water due to capillary action in exterior applications
  • Highly recommended to utilize aluminum versus metalled coated steel
  • Fastener type and spacing must be considered
  • Due to a large variety of patters, samples may be subject to extended lead times

Custom capabilities available in a variety of style combinations (subject to extended lead times, please inquire within):

  • Hole size
  • Placement
  • Pattern
  • Shapes