Alternative Profiles for Solar Air Heating

September 26, 2023

ATAS has a wide variety of panel profiles and colors which can be used for solar air heating. 

Beyond our traditional InSpire panel, most profiles, with concealed fasteners or not, can be designed to fit the use of a solar air heating system. 

While the InSpire wall with lanced perforations remains the most efficient system to heat air via a metal panel, other possibilities are available to the architect. In fact, all ATAS profiles can somehow be adapted to solar heating.

This can be achieved with a few simple steps:

  • Making an air cavity of 4 to 8 inches away from the existing wall structure
  • Perforating the panel, partly or entirely
  • Adding air intakes at bottom, top or side of the wall
  • Connecting the proposed wall area to an accordingly designed air intake