Zeiders American Dream Theater Receives First Place Award

July 23, 2019

The stunning façade incorporating three colors of Versa-Lok panels on Zeiders American Dream Theater in Virginia Beach, VA, won first place for the category of commercial walls in ATAS International’s project of the year awards for 2018.

Now called the “Z”, this theater includes two performing arts venues and is one part of a larger mixed-use complex in Town Center, Virginia Beach.  The development which takes up an entire block includes 43,500 square feet of ground floor retail and related support space, a restaurant, public plaza, apartment leasing office, and the theater on the second level.  Above the restaurant and leasing office is a 131 unit 10-story apartment tower.  The venue opened in October of last year, with a jam-packed weekend of theater, music and film performances, and panel discussions.

The exterior skin of the “Z” is a combination of glass curtainwall, exterior porcelain tile, and the ATAS Versa-Lok flat shingle style wall panels.  These panels create classic rectangular shapes, available in versatile mix-and-match sizes. They are installed utilizing concealed clips and fasteners. Grey Mason, Vice President for Production with Cox, Kliewer & Company, P.C. in Virginia Beach, VA, stated, “The Versa-Lok panels were used as the main façade treatment for the two theater houses themselves, which are large sloped and angled geometric masses, and, because of their function, without fenestration.  Several cladding options were considered prior to our selection of the Versa-Lok panels.  Metal panels were clearly the best option for their ability to provide a sleeker look, with a more reflective metallic finish.  The Versa-Lok panel proved to be an ideal choice – the panels could be installed over a rainscreen type wall assembly with a continuous insulation substrate, were cost effective compared to a composite panel, and were offered in a module that was perfectly suited to the scale of the façade.  To add greater interest to these large façade areas, we selected the three Versa-Lok metallic finishes and applied them in a pattern which appears random, but was actually a carefully arranged repeat pattern consisting of 50% Titanium, 25% Silversmith, and 25% Champagne.  All in all, the Versa-Lok panels proved to be an important component of what we feel is a striking design and one of the main factors that makes the “Z” a focal point of the overall development.”

The Versa-Lok wall panels were manufactured in .032 and .040 aluminum, with a 70% PVDF finish.  The 16” x 60” panels were installed horizontally by Royal Exteriors of Henrico, VA, and the panels were purchased through ATAS’ distributor, Allied Building Products of Chesapeake, VA, a Beacon Roofing Supply Company.