The Perfect Wall

November 19, 2021

Can we build a “Perfect Wall”? Is that really the question though? The “Perfect Wall System” is only perfect IF its principles are correctly adapted to building type and climate zone and WHEN its installed correctly with the right materials.

There are four principal control layers and they are all important, but not equally.

  • WATER Control Layer- Controlling water in the liquid form has been the focus of builders and architects for generations
  • AIR Control Layer – Air movement transports significaantly more amounts of water
  • VAPOR Control Layer- Vapor diffusion in controlling molecular transport
  • THERMAL Control Layer- Calculating and modeling thermal control better than any other control layer

Below, please find a list of valuable sources for more information.

  • Building America Solution Center
  • Differences between air and vapor barriers
    • Peter Barrett
  • High Performance Building Enclosures
    • John Straube
  • BSI 001 The Perfect Wall
  • BSI 057 Hockey Pucks and Hydrostatic Pressure
  • BSI 090 Joseph Hayden Does the Perfect Wall
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