Solar Ready Roof Systems & Attachment Methods

April 6, 2018

Benefits of Solar Ready Metal Roofs:

  • Standing seam metal roofs are the best choice for crystalline PV and thin-film solar panels because, unlike other materials, metal offers the longest service life, making it a solar ready roof system.
  • When installing a crystalline system that typically is warranted for 25 years of power generation, a building owner is going to benefit from a roofing substrate that has a greater life expectancy than that of the solar panels.
  • Standing seam panels also provide a natural platform for attaching crystalline systems without any roof penetrations. Additionally, highly reflective roofs help keep rooftop temperatures cool, resulting in better performance from solar panels.

Concealed Fastener (non-penetrating) Best Practice:

  • Dutch Seam
  • Colonial Seam
  • 1” Field-Lok
  • 1 ½” Field-Lok
  • 2” Field-Lok
  • 2 3/8” Field-Lok

Exposed Fastener (penetrating) Good Practice:

  • Corrugated – with considerations
  • Grand R
  • Advanta Shingle – with considerations

Types of Rooftop Solar Electric Systems

  • Crystalline Panels
  • Thin-Film Laminates


  • To be field applied by others
  • ATAS is not responsible for the attachment choices
  • Engineering review is suggested to ensure proper compatibility
  • Properly clean metal panels prior to solar application for adhesive applied system
  • Applied adhesive may affect integrity of metal panel