Preventing and Repairing Scratches on Painted Metal

October 26, 2018

ATAS International, Inc. works hard to ensure that the end user receives a defect free material. From the masking utilized during production, to the care taken in packaging and delivery, ATAS puts the customer first. Here are the best techniques to repair and prevent scratches.

Minor field repair may be performed if extreme caution is taken and the following procedures are followed:

  • Replacement of material may be the best long-term solution
  • Use appropriate techniques and equipment for unloading, moving, and storage of metal panels
  • Use proper tools for cutting metal
  • Remove masking during installation of material
  • Make sure that repair areas are free of debris and metal shavings
  • Clean affected areas with isopropyl cloths to remove all contaminates
  • Apply touch up paint product with a small art brush, fine air brush, or applicator pen tip directly in the scratch or affected area
  • Multiple applications might be needed to achieve desired dry film thickness (DFT)
  • Large areas or extensive scratches may necessitate panel replacement
  • Touch up paint will have an accelerated fade rate over factory applied baked on finishes
  • Ask the manufacturer if you aren’t sure about exactly what to do