Aluminum Dutch Seam Metal Roofing on Long Island Shore Home Wins First Place

September 24, 2019

Wading River, NY is a hamlet located in Suffolk County on the North Shore of Long Island.  Most of Wading River lies within the Town of Riverhead, but a small portion is in the Town of Brookhaven. The name of the hamlet comes from the original Algonquian name for the area, Pauquaconsuk, meaning “the place where we wade for thick, round-shelled clams”. “Wading in the River” or Wading River was adopted by the first English colonists.

Being located near the shore, it was a natural fit for an aluminum Dutch Seam metal roof on this Wading River home.  Aluminum offers better corrosion resistance than steel in environments such as this.

When the homeowners prepared to replace their aging asphalt shingles, they considered the benefits of installing a metal roof.  “The metal roof on my house really derived from family trips skiing in Vermont and New Hampshire.  My wife and I have rented various properties in New England and always really liked the way the metal roofs looked.  We inquired when our asphalt roof was approximately 20 years old, was badly stained, and not looking up to snuff.  We weighed the costs of new asphalt shingles compared to metal roofing, which was a significant difference.  However, we were willing to do it in hopes of getting the look we wanted and not settling.  We can’t be any happier with our selection.  Our roof is a series of hips and you see quite a bit of it when on our property.  Everyone that comes to our house always comments on how they really like what we did.  It looks excellent,” stated the homeowner.

ATAS’ Dutch Seam metal roof panels are one of several types of standing seam metal roofing that ATAS manufactures.  Prior to forming the Dutch Seam panels, the metal is precision leveled, which is a quality advantage of this factory formed product.  A variety of options such as embossing, stiffening ribs, and striations, in addition to the precision leveling, reduces the potential of visible oil canning.  Dutch Seam is a highly engineered wind and rain resistant panel system, designed to last lifetimes.  The integral lock and seam design guards against wind-driven rain and wind uplift, while still allowing for air permeability.  Panels can be installed over above sheathing ventilation (ASV) shims, which creates an air space between the metal roof panels and the deck.  This results in energy savings by reducing air-conditioning costs in the summer and adds insulation value during the winter as proven by testing performance sponsored by the Metal Construction Association (MCA) at Oak Ridge National Laboratory.  ASV also minimizes the effect of condensation between the roof layers.  The ASV spacer shims are designed to be stackable, providing ventilation spaces in increments of 3/8”, and they can also be used in metal wall panel applications.

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Dutch Seam roof panels are a solar ready roof system.  It’s an ideal choice for both crystalline and building integrated photovoltaic (BIPV) solar systems because of its long service life.  When installing a crystalline system (typically warranted for 25 years of power generation), a building owner benefits from a roofing substrate that has a greater life expectancy than the solar panels.  Standing seam metal panels also provide a natural platform for attaching crystalline systems without any roof penetrations.

Another advantage of the Dutch Seam panels is that all factory-cut panel edges are concealed within the panel interlock, which eliminates edge creep of the metal.  The panels are installed with an anchor clip at the low point, which allows for loads to be imposed on the clip, preventing rotation of the seam and providing stronger interlock during a wind uplift event.

Available in aluminum and metallic coated steel in a 70% PVDF finish, the Dutch Seam panels also come in copper, zinc, anodized aluminum, and 55% Al-Zn alloy coated steel with an acrylic coating.  The panel widths available include 11”, 15”, and 19 ¼”.  The seam height is 1 ½” and should be installed on a minimum roof slop of 2:12 or greater.  Panels can be tapered, if required for the project.

The black Dutch Seam panels on this home’s roof were manufactured in .040 aluminum.  The heavier gauge of aluminum was selected for increased durability and to enhance the aesthetics of the installed panel.  J.A. Construction of Port Jefferson Station, NY, installed the panels and they were purchased through ATAS’ distributor, Riverhead Building Supply of Riverhead, NY.