Store Rocks the Outdoor Lifestyle with Metal Cladding, Roofing, and Soffit

October 11, 2019

Born out of the dream of a longtime bass fisherman, Rock Outdoors is a community committed to a life lived outside.  The outdoor lifestyle and apparel store located in Lexington, NC is also a boat dealership, offering maintenance and repair services.

Rock Outdoors was awarded first place in the interiors category of ATAS’ 2018 project of the year competition.  In addition to the use of Metafor panels in the Slate Grey color on the store’s interior walls, it also used the same profile in Hemlock Green for the exterior wall cladding.  As well, Linear Ceiling panels with round edges in Medium Teak wood grain laminate and black recessed filler strips were used in a soffit application.  Completing the metal building envelope, ATAS’ Field-Lok panels in Medium Bronze were installed on the roof of the building.

“This building is the launch of the Rock Outdoors brand, with its first location near High Rock Lake and Lexington, NC.  The Rock Outdoors brand is approachable while providing high performance products focused on an outdoor lifestyle.  It was important that the building interior reflects the brand, and that was achieved through material choices and forms.  The use of profiled metal panels, paired with wood elements, provide textural and visual references associated with an outdoor vernacular.  The interior metal panels helped create an environment that was familiar and inspiring. It was also important for the design to incorporate exterior materials on the interior,” stated Ben Schwab, Partner and Architect at STITCH Design Shop of Winston-Salem, NC.

The Metafor panel used on the interior and exterior of this building is a structural panel with a ribbed appearance, and is installed using a concealed fastening system.  It is manufactured in aluminum, with a 70% PVDF finish, in anodized aluminum, or in copper.  The panel width is 12”, with a 5/8” panel height, and is available in an embossed or smooth texture.

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Metafor can be installed horizontally or vertically, and perforations are available.  Since it is a structural panel, it can be installed directly to solid decking or to open framing.  The panels have a positive panel-to-panel interlock and can be combined with other ATAS wall panel profiles to create interesting patterns and breaks.  Curved panels (convex or concave) are another option with this profile.

The Linear Ceiling system is available in two distinct profiles: round edge or a square box with or without filler strips, which are available as a flush or recessed appearance.  It is a suspended ceiling design and each profile has a choice of two widths, 4” or 8”, that are interchangeable due to the 4” increments of the carrier systems.  Linear Ceiling panels are manufactured in aluminum in over 30 stock colors in a 70% PVDF finish, or in anodized aluminum. Four standard wood grain laminates are available for this product, as well as polyester and mirrored finishes.  The panel texture can be smooth, perforated, or louvered.

Field-Lok installed on the roof of Rock Outdoors has a 2” seam height and is a mechanical field seamed panel system.  The double-locked structural panel can meet severe load requirements.  For aesthetic reasons or personal preference, the panel can be seamed with a single fold displaying a broader seam, or double-locked to create a 180-degree seam for additional wind uplift resistance.  The single fold meets the needs for a structural panel while providing the reliability of a weather tight roof.  The Field-Lok panel system is installed with a sliding clip.  It is available in aluminum or metallic coated steel with a 70% PVDF finish, in 55% Al-Zn alloy coated steel with acrylic coating, or in copper.  Panel widths are 15 ¼” or 19 ½” with a smooth texture.  A minimum roof slope of ½”:12 is required. Three other Field-Lok panels are available in different seam heights and panel widths to meet project design and performance needs.

All of the ATAS products were installed on Rock Outdoors by J.D. Clark Company of Winston-Salem, NC.  The panels were purchased through ATAS’ distributor, ABC Supply Co. Inc. of Winston-Salem, NC.