Solar air heating:
This is not just a wall panel.This is a solar collector and fresh air heating system.

How It Works: The InSpire wall panel, a transpired solar collector, is mounted a few inches from the building’s outer wall. The precision perforations in the wall panels allow outside air to travel through the face of the panel. Solar heated air at the surface of the panel is drawn through the perforations where it rises between the two walls and enters the building’s central ventilation system or supply fan.

Summer Usage: The InSpire wall panel also helps to reduce the cooling load in the summer by preventing normal solar radiation from striking the building’s main wall. Hot air is thermally siphoned up the wall and vented through holes at the top of the system, leaving the main wall cooler. In the summer, by-pass louvers allow cool fresh air to be drawn into the building at night, maintaining indoor air quality. View schematics

Dark colors work best for heat absorption.
Preferred InSpire colors in KYNAR 500® PVDF or HYLAR 5000® PVDF:
Black, Classic Bronze, Redwood, Charcoal, and Regal Blue

Solar Air Heating PerformanceMonitoring
View real-time and historical performance data for the ATAS InSpire wall solar collector.




  Product Innovation Award Winner Reader's Choice Award
Top 10 Green Building


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InSpire Solar Air Heating Drawing


.032 aluminum
.028 zinc*
Panel Width:
39 3/8"
31 1/2" (zinc)
Panel Length:
Cut to customer specifications with a minimum of 6’-0”, maximum of 40'-0"
Panel Height: 1 1/4"
Kynar 500® PVDF or Hylar 5000® PVDF

Solar Efficient Colors: Color Name Solar Absorptivity
    Black .95
  Classic Bronze .91
  Dark Bronze Anodized .85
  Regal Blue .75
  Forest Green .75
  Hartford Green .75
  Antique Patina .74
  Chocolate Brown .73
  Charcoal Grey .72
  Boysenberry .72
  Rocky Grey .72
  Redwood .71
  Teal .70
  Hemlock Green .70
  Slate Blue .69
  Medium Bronze .68
  Siam Blue .66
  Brite Red .63
  Slate Grey .61
  Patina Green .57


A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge and finish or as specified

InSpire Solar Air Heating
  • Heats fresh air
  • Utilizes free solar energy
  • Lowers heating costs by $1.50-$5.50 per sq. ft. of panel per year
  • Contributes toward potential LEED® credits
  • Destratification of indoor air
  • ROI: 3-8 years
  • Favorable tax incentives
  • Reduces incoming drafts
  • Reduces “sick building syndrome”
  • Converts up to 80% of solar energy
  • Recaptures heat loss through building wall
  • Beneficial in summer
  • Ideal for commercial and industrial buildings

The InSpire wall solar air heating system is used to pre-heat outside air before it enters the building to provide fresh air changes and natural humidification, as well as opportunities to reduce energy consumption. The wall panel is mounted at a specified distance of several inches from the outer wall of the building. InSpire features proprietary engineered perforations which allow outside air to be transpired (drawn through the wall panel) into the wall cavity via ventilation fans. InSpire wall panels are coated with a fluoropolymer (PVDF) coating system in colors which allow absorption of the sun's energy to pre-heat surface and cavity air. The solar generated pre-heated air transpires into the wall cavity and is drawn into the building's interior through conventional ductwork.

Does InSpire apply to your project?
  • Do you have large ventilation requirements?
  • Do you have a long heating season?
  • Are your utility rates for heating high?
  • Does your facility feature an appropriate south, southeast, or southwest oriented wall?
  • Does your facility utilize heated air for processes (such as crop drying)?
Why consider solar air heating?
  • Reduces annual energy consumption
  • Reduces annual energy costs
  • Cost effective way to meet code requirements for ventilation
  • Improved air quality (increased air changes)
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Favorable environmental impact
  • Reduces greenhouse gas emissions
  • Potential for LEED credit
  • Favorable investment incentives
How does InSpire save energy?
  • Active solar air heating
  • Recaptures wall heat loss
  • Insulating effect on building inner wall
  • Utilizes hot, stratified air trapped at ceilings
  • Lowers temperature of air exhausted through the roof
  • Shields inner wall from direct sunlight during summer season
Economics of Solar Air Heating – How much does it cost? How much do you save?
  • Reduces annual energy consumption by 1 to 2 therms per sq. ft. of collector
  • Reduces annual heating costs by $1.50 to $5.50 per sq. ft. of collector, depending on fuel replaced
  • Simple payback of 3 to 8 years
  • Approximate cost $14 to $17 per sq. ft. of wall, installed.
  • Fans, dampers, ducts, etc. are extra.
Typical Installation
  • Panels are installed 4”-8” from wall
  • Can be installed over or around existing wall openings
  • Can be installed over any non-combustible wall material
  • Easy installation – no special skills or tools needed
Ideal Applications
  • Industrial
  • Hospitals/Institutional
  • Schools/Gymnasiums
  • Arenas
  • Laboratories
  • Maintenance facilities
  • Government/Military
  • Warehouses
  • Theatres/Conference Centers
  • Other commercial buildings
  • “It simply works – The simplest, most efficient, and least expensive way to preheat outside air for industrial and commercial applications is through the use of a perforated plate absorber”
    (Natural Resources Canada)
  • “Transpired collectors provide the most reliable, best performing, and lowest cost solar heating for commercial and industrial buildings available on the market today.”
    (U.S. Department of Energy)

ATAS offers an AIA/CEU seminar on the Transpired Solar Collector. The seminar is worth 1 HSW Hour and 1 CEU. Qualified instructors conduct the seminar and encourage a question and answer session. Training may be held at an architect's office, an AIA chapter meeting, CSI chapter meeting or another convenient location.  Contact your local representative to schedule one.

Outline of seminar:
Introduction to solar heating and fresh air ventilation system
  • Function
  • Heating season benefits
  • Cooling season benefits
  • Important design considerations
  • Ventilation
  • Orientation
  • Wall area
  • Components and installation
  • Case studies
  • Government incentives

InSpire® is a registered trademark of ATAS International, Inc.
Kynar 500® is a registered trademark of Arkema Inc.
Hylar 5000® is a registered trademark of Solvay Solexis, Inc..

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Giles County Tenant One Wheatland Eco-Park in Pembroke, VA

InSpire solar air heating: Classic Bronze

Better Living Mill Shop, Fluvanna County, VA

InSpire solar air heating in Classic Bronze, contributes to a 47% reduction in annual energy use, heats 24,000 sf warehouse with solar energy

Cigas Machine Shop, Pottstown, PA

InSpire solar air heating: Black

Blessed Sacrament School Addition, Hibbing, MN

InSpire solar air heating: Medium Bronze

Grant Way, Allentown, PA

InSpire solar air heating: Medium Bronze

Greenwood Elementary School, Millerstown, PA

InSpire solar air heating: Black

Coyne Science Center, Le Moyne College, NY

InSpire solar air heating: Perforated Multi-Purpose Wall (MPN120 InSpire) Classic Bronze

Kirby Morgan Dive Center, Santa Maria, CA

InSpire solar air heating: Classic Bronze

John W. Olver Transit Center, Greenfield, MA

InSpire solar air heating: Classic Bronze

New Hingham Elementary, Hingham, MA

InSpire solar air heating: Regal Blue

North Hempstead Community Center, Wesbury, NY

InSpire solar air heating: Classic Bronze

How It Works

How It Works - HVAC

Night Usage

Summer Usage

Summer Usage - HVAC

Andrews Air Force Base; Prince George's County, MD

InSpire Solar Air Heating application; Classic Bronze


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