MPN        MPW        MPH        MPV        MPS

The variations of this profile start with the standing seam, to the batten style, to the plank and barn board. The texture is either smooth or stucco embossed. A slight “V” is formed into the plank or barn board for a variance of style. The Multi-Purpose ™ panels with the Wind-Lok application have a smooth but sleek appearance with a concealed clipless fastening system. Typical applications include walls, fascias, mansards, equipment screens and some limited roofing with a minimum slope of 3:12.


.032, .040 aluminum
24, 22* ga. metallic coated steel
16, 20 oz. copper*
.7 mm zinc*
.0197 classic & terne coated stainless steel*
Panel Width:
Panel Length:
Cut to customer specifications with a minimum of 2’-0”, maximum transportation limitations and/or product and project design considerations
Panel Depth: 1 1/4", 3/8" (MPS)
Perforations Available: Yes
Kynar 500® PVDF or Hylar 5000® PVDF
Colors: Choice of over 30 stock colors
Custom colors available*
Anodized: Clear Satin
Dark Bronze
A complete line of trims available in matching colors, gauge and finish or as specified
*Subject to minimum quantities and lead time
Inquire for availability

Multi-Purpose™ is a trademark of ATAS International, Inc.
Kynar 500® is a trademark of Arkema Inc.
Hylar 5000® is a trademark of Solvay Solexis, Inc..


Details provided allow for typical expansion and contraction values of the metal cladding materials as provided by ATAS International, Inc only. Allowance must be made for additional sub-structure movement based upon materials used and overall project design.

PDF File Format - Horizontal Application - Solid Substrate

PDF File Format - Vertical Application - Solid Substrate

PDF File Format - Horizontal Application - Open Framing

PDF File Format - Vertical Application - Open Framing

DWG File Format - Horizontal Application - Solid Substrate

DWG File Format - Vertical Application - Solid Substrate

DWG File Format - Horizontal Application - Open Framing

DWG File Format - Vertical Application - Open Framing

Click to view full size image.

Siko Products, Dexter, MI

Multi-Purpose, Sierra Tan

Phelps Maintenance, Monkton, MD

Multi-Purpose, Bone White

Builders General, Edison, NJ

Mult-Purpose, Mission Red

Meadow Lakes

Multi-Purpose, Redwood

Montgomery County Community College - Arts Building, Bluebell, PA

Multi-Purpose Panel (MPN120), Redwood

Farmingdale Hay Barn, Melville, NY

Field-Lok(FLS137) & Multi-Purpose(MPN120), Patina Green

Tennessee Bureau of Investigations, Knoxville, TN

Multi Purpose Panels(MPN080, MPV080, MPH080), Silversmith

Ohio State Highway Patrol Post, Lancaster, OH

Multi-Purpose Panel(MPW120), Ascot White

Almond Creek Office, Richmond, VA

Multi-Purpose (MPW120), Bone White

Blind Factory, Hillard, OH

Multi-Purpose (MPW120), Sandstone

Eureka Springs High School, Eureka Springs, AR

Multi-Purpose (MFPN120, MPN080), Slate Grey, Antique Patina; Metafor (MFR160), Rocky Grey; Belvedere Short Rib (BWK360), Brite Red

Mavis Discount Tire, Cicero, NY

Multi-Purpose (MPN160), Teal; Belvedere Rib (BWR360), Brite Red

Private Residence, Wayne County, PA

Multi-Purpose (MPN120), Redwood

East Suburban YMCA, Plum, PA

Multi-Purpose (MPH127), Mission Red; Belvedere Grand R (BWG390) & Belvedere Rib (BWR360), Concord Cream

Findland Mennonite Church, Green Lane, PA

Multi-Purpose (MPN120), Antique Patina

Alma Aspire, Huntington Park, CA

Multi-Purpose (MPH & MPW), Custom Orange

Private Residence, Ridway, PA

Multi-Purpose (MPH165), Mission Red; Multi-Purpose (MPS120, MPV120), Bone White; CastleTop, Mission Red

The Residence at Twelve40, Philadelphia, PA

Multi-Purpose Panels (MPW160 Solid & Perforated, MPN080 Solid & Perforated) & Rigid Wall II (MFN160 Solid & Perforated, MFN161 Solid & Perforated); Silversmith

Bedford Place, Philadelphia, PA

Multi-Purpose Panels (MPN080 & MPW160) and Rigid Wall II (MFN160 & MFN161), Silversmith

Tenova Core Office Building, Moon, PA

Multi-Purpose Panel (MPH), Silversmith

Private Residence, Kensington, MD

Multi-Purpose Panel (MPV120), Sandstone


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