ASV/TB Shims

The ATAS ASV/TB Spacer Shim is a patented spacer shim used to create above-sheathing ventilation by having continuous air flow between the roof sheathing and the metal panel system.

ASV/TB Spacer Shim

  • Proprietary product
  • 3/8” thickness
  • Highly engineered thermoplastic (Polyoxymethylene) aids in thermal transfer reductions
  • High heat resistance
  • Sustainable & green building product
  • May contribute to LEED/Green Globes/etc. credits
  • Can reduce cooling costs and negate heating penalties associated with cool roof technologies
  • Can be used in both roof and wall applications
  • Designed to be stackable and provide ventilation spaces in increments of 3⁄8″

Oak Ridge National Laboratory (ORNL) states “we serendipitously discovered the second major advance in roofs for our century: We found that elevating the roof cover from the roof deck to induce above-sheathing ventilation is as important as increasing solar reflectance and may be the stronger player in reducing heat gain into the attic. The two combined can reduce heat gain through the roof by 50% compared to nailed asphalt shingle roofs.”