Congratulations to ATAS Manufacturing Leadership Institute Graduates (MLI)

July 17, 2018

ATAS International, Inc. had two employees graduate from the Manufacturers Resource Center’s (MRC) Manufacturing Leadership Institute (MLI) certificate program in June.  The class included over 20 other area manufacturing professionals.

“MRC MLI educates the region’s current and up-and-coming leaders in all aspects of strategic leadership to strengthen their company’s competitiveness, drive growth, and create sustainable business models.  Over the course of five months, the curriculum consists of 11 intense days of 12 program topics on growth and innovation led by eight industry experts with real world experience and exceptional teaching skills.  MRC has graduated more than 200 participants from over 80 companies through the MLI, including 13 ATAS employees.  In 2006, MRC began developing strategic leaders and promoting growth and innovation when we recognized the need for executive training.  Since we partnered with the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University to establish this top-line certificate program, MLI has become one of our signature offerings,” Jack E. Pfunder, President and CEO of the Manufacturers Resource Center, said.

Eric Bus, ATAS’ Operations Manager, and Allison Guzley, Human Resources Manager at ATAS, are the graduates of the MLI program this year.  Guzley stated, “MLI is the equivalent to a general economics class but with an intense manufacturing and leadership focus. It is beneficial for all levels of management in the manufacturing sector because you can apply what it teaches you to your own personal development and the development of your employees, no matter what their skill levels are”.