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ATAS 2005 Project of the Year Winner

Young Mazda

Wilson Farm Park

West Indies Bar & Grill

USPTO Townhouses

Tilton Inn

Terrapin Bay Condos

Tannehill State Park

St Elizabeth Church

Springville Plaza

Sheraton VA Beach

Ride Revolution

Resorts Real Estate Brokers

Renee Plaza

PRG Corp

Phoenix Fire Station 50

Pence Nissan

Palmer Builders

OSU Gateway

Ontario Fire Station

Minotola Bank

Millers Neighborhood Market

Millenium Crossing


McDonalds Two

Many Glacier

Magyar Bank

Lightfoot Crossing II

Lancaster Bible Church

Holy Family Catholic Church

Grand Center Station

First Presbyterian Church

First Parish Church

Eastern Center for Arts and Technology

DiLeo Oral Surgery

Detroit Cultural Center

Cowles Parkway Ford

Child Development Center

Boulevard Jewelry Store

Boulevard Alp

Bear Creek

Associated Builders & Contractors Office

1790 Mill House

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