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1st Place Residential Walls - Private Residence

Shelter Island, NY
CastleTop, Slate Grey
Distributor- ABC Supply
Contractor/Supplier- RBA Hampton Construction

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2nd Place Residential Walls - Private Residence

Irvington, NY
Opaline, Classic Bronze; Dutch Seam, Classic Bronze
Architect: Gotham Design
Distributor: New Castle Building Products
Builder: River Green Design Build

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1st Place Residential Roofs - Private Residence

New Port Richey, FL
Dutch Seam, Silversmith
Architect: Architectonics Studio, Inc.
Installer: Signature Roofing Corporation

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2nd Place Residential Roofs - Private Residence

Neptune, NJ
Advanta, Black
Distributor: Alside Supply
Installer: Global Home, Inc.

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3rd Place Residential Roofs- Private Residence

Leonardtown, MD
Granutile, Timberwood
Distributor: The Roof Center
Installer: James R. Walls Contracting Co., Inc.

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1st Place Sustainable - Westhill Central School District

Syracuse, NY
InSpire Wall, Black
Architect: Ashley McGraw
Distributor: Erie Materials
Contractor: Sands Brother Roofing

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2nd Place Sustainable - Private Residence

Lake Mohawk, NJ
Builder/Installer/General Contractor: Woodstone Group
Distributor: National Building Supply

3rd Place Sustainable - Fort Campbell TEMF

Fort Campbell, KY
InSpire, Classic Bronze
Architect: US Army Corps of Engineers
Distributor: Corken Steel
Installer: J & S Construction

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1st Place Commercial Walls - College Town

Ithaca, NY
CastleTop, Hartford Green, Patina Green, Hemlock Green and Custom
Architect: ikon.5 Architects
Distributor: Erie Materials
Installer: Ajay Glass Company

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2nd Place Commercial Walls - Shake Shack

Chestnut Hill, MA
Metafor Panel, Slate Grey
Architect of Record: Aria Group Architects, Inc.
Designer Architect: Site
Distributor: ABC Supply Co., Inc.
Installer: Rowland Roofing and Cladding
Owner: Shake Shack

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3rd Place Commercial Walls - University of Oregon

Eugene, OR
Custom Bevelled Box
Architect: ZGF Architects LLP
Installer: Streimer Sheet Metal Works, Inc.
General Contractor: Hoffman Construction

1st Place Commercial Roofs - Brooklyn Pizza

Hackensack, NJ
CastleTop, Coppertone
Distributor: National Building Supply
Installer: Hire Power Construction

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2nd Place Commercial Roofs - Hawk Mountain Common Room

Kempton, PA
Dutch Seam, Forest Green
Architect: Spillman Farmer Architects
Installer: Zawada Enterprises, LLC

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3rd Place Commercial Roofs - Mt. Fuji Restaurant

Hillburn, NY
Scan Roof, Rocky Grey
Distributor: Custom Specified Products
Distributor: Long Island Tinsmith Supply Corp.
Contractor: KJC Waterproofing, Inc.

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