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ATAS International Inc., is a GBCI continuing education provider.

Qualified instructors conduct the seminars and encourage a question and answer session. Training may be held at an architects’ office, an industry association chapter meeting (such as USGBC), or at another convenient location.
If your office cannot hold a large group, or you would like to combine the seminar with other firms, ATAS will rent a meeting room at a hotel or other large gathering space to accommodate groups of 20 people and over.

Course Titles and Learning Objectives:

Insulated Metal Wall and Roof Panels - High Performing Systems in Design, Sustainability, and Operation

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # ATA015 | GBCI Course # 0920008173 | 1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour
  • Have a better understanding of insulated metal panels and components
  • Explain how insulated metal panels prevent air and vapor infiltration, increase thermal comfort for building occupants and improve building performance through increased energy efficiencies.
  • Compare insulated metal panels to traditional systems based on attributes, aesthetics, and performance.
  • Recognize the durability, thermal performance and energy efficiencies gained when using insulated metal panels vs. traditional systems and how they reduce their environmental impact.
  • Understand the criteria, attributes and sustainability benefits of Insulated Metal Panels and how they may qualify for credits under LEED (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design).

Solar Air Heating

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # ATA014b | GBCI Course # 0920004680 | 1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour
  • Understand solar air heating and drying technology
  • Explain how transpired solar collectors function
  • Realize the features and benefits of transpired solar and the design considerations for feasibility
  • Describe the system components and installation of a transpired solar collector

Sustainable Building Envelopes

Provider # J447 | AIA/CES Course # ATA010 | GBCI Course # 0920001083 | 1 LU/HSW & 1 GBCI CE Hour
  • Learn how metal walls can use sunlight to provide the building with solar air heating
  • Discover how metal cladding on roof and walls can contribute to green building objectives, including LEED Certification
  • Explore cutting edge cool roof technologies, including UV reflective pigments and above sheathing ventilation
  • Understand how metal roofing can provide a solar ready platform for photovoltaic systems