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Rigid Wall II Profiles

structural-concealed-fastener-metal-wall-panel-th.jpgRigid Wall II is a structural wall panel that retains the essence of the original version while providing design enhancements and eleven design options.

Available in widths of 16”, 12” and 8”, these structural panels can be installed vertically or horizontally with concealed fasteners.

Rigid Wall II can be factory-notched for easy and attractive side laps, and is compatible with ATAS’ Elite Trims.

This mix-and-match family of panels can be combined in various patterns to create distinctive, eye-catching facades. The locking seam is also compatible with  Corra-Lok panels, providing the option to integrate the sharp-edge design of Rigid Wall II with the soft curves of Corra-Lok.

Rigid Wall II  improves ATAS product capabilities by utilizing our trademark  Wind-Lok system and enhancing profile selection.