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Miscellaneous Clips

Clips-metal-roof-wall-systems-ATAS.jpgClips are an integral part of many ATAS roof and wall panel systems. The panel system’s performance is directly tied to the interaction between the panel itself and the clips used for attachment of the system.  Clips will also allow for expansion and contraction of the metal due to temperature variation.

Why Use Clips in Metal Roofing?
  • To fasten or secure a panel or product to an assembly without penetrating it
  • To allow for expansion and contraction through thermal cycling
  • To create a standoff or offset for ASV (above sheathing ventilation), drainage mat, or insulation
  • Clearance for insulation

Role in System Performance
  • Clips are highly engineered to the specific panel design for optimum structural integrity
  • Designed to resist panel disengagement of the clip and panel under pressure
  • Type of material
  • Gauge of material

Clips must be:
  • Spaced appropriately to provide adequate load resistance
  • Panel style
  • Panel material and gauge
  • Panel width
  • Substrate to which they are applied
  • Applied with the appropriate type and quantity of fasteners