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Gaten Series

perforated-metal-panels-th.jpg“Gaten” means “holes” in Dutch.

ATAS offers numerous hole size and placement combinations. While standard rounds holes are the most economical, custom shapes and variations are available at and additional cost and with design limitations.

ATAS has a set of “standard patterns” . The ATAS standard patterns are known to work for pre-painted aluminum coil or sheets. We have a history running these patterns which makes budgetary pricing available.

A perforation pattern is specified as follows:
  • Hole Size x Center to Center Distance x Orientation and the Open Area Produced
For example:
  • ATAS Standard Pattern “A23” is:  .25” x .5” OC Staggered, 23% OA
Which means:
  • The holes are ¼” in diameter
  • Spaced ½” apart center-center diagonally at a 60 degree angle
  • Which produces 23% open area, or metal loss – 23% of the metal is removed

Perforated metals have several basic applications. The type or requirements of the perforation may dictate or determine the perforation pattern. 
  • VENTILATION  - Provides airflow
  • ACOUSTICAL – Holes are used for sound dampening
  • ARCHITECTURAL – Decorative application, signage, panel infills or ornamental contrast
Architectural application is the most common for ATAS projects.  Possibilities and design variations are extensive.