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Design Wall Series

concealed-fastener-metal-wall-soffit-th.jpgDid you know that the Design Wall series is not only a wall panel system, but also a soffit system that offers many design  possibilities? It is available in two different depths and 22 face configurations. The uniqueness of the design series is that the step configuration can be altered in 1” increments from a 2” high step to a 12” flush panel.  All these combinations can be combined to create a unique look. ATAS louver venting can allow the proper soffit ventilation while providing a flush panel system when combined with the Design Wall series.

Design Wall is a structural panel that is offered in aluminum, copper and steel. It is a concealed fastener system with a wide variety of accent options including splices (for longer length runs), elite trims, elite corners,  perforations and traditional trims.