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crimp-curved-metal-service-th.jpgCurveline is a product-line involving controlled deformation of metal panels using crimps in order to form a curve.  Architects and building owners alike appreciate Curveline as an economical way to add aesthetic elements to standard profiles.

Curved wall panels make it possible to think “outside the box”, adding visual appeal to all types of new or renovated buildings.  Applications include curved exterior walls, fascias, mansards, mitered corners, and interior acoustical wall treatments.

Crimp curved panels are also used to create forms for pouring concrete decking allowing paving to have curved shapes.

Curveline can curve a wide range of exposed fastener and concealed fastener roof panels, including 3” standing seam profiles. Benefits include outstanding aesthetics, attractive shadow lines and leak-proof performance. 

Curveline’s proprietary crimp-curving process also enhances the strength and rigidity of panels, increasing their spanning capabilities achieving wide spans with minimal framing and substructure support.  Well-suited for open-style roofs, Curveline is often used to cover pedestrian walkways, gasoline station service islands, transit shelters and many other applications.