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ATAS Panels Utilized in Acoustical Systems

Metal-Wall-Panels-Perforated-Acoustical-Sound-Absorption.jpgATAS perforated wall and ceiling panels with the proper sound abatement material behind them will reduce reflection and improve absorption of noise to improve a room’s acoustics. With a wide variety of ceiling and wall systems available, ATAS can help you achieve both your acoustical and aesthetic design requirements. 
Linear Ceiling Series
  • Round edge
  • Square box
  • Available with or without filler strips
Gaten Series
  • Belvedere 6” Rib
  • Belvedere 7.2” rib
  • Belvedere Grand R
  • Belvedere PenumWall
  • Belvedere Wave Panel
  • Corra-Lok
  • Corrugated Panel
  • Design Wall
  • Grand C
  • Grand V
  • Metafor
  • Multi-Purpose Panels
  • Opaline
  • Rigid Wall
  • Rigid Wall II
  • Span Wall
  • Versa-Seam
  • Versa-Line
Industry Terms
  • Wavelength = the distance between two pressure peaks or oscillation
  • Period = time (T) of one complete oscillation
  • Pitch = highness or lowness of a tone determined by the rapidity of each oscillation
  • Frequency = number of oscillations per second (Hz)
  • Velocity = rate a sound waves travels from source to receiver (M/S)
  • Amplitude = distance from crest (highest) to valley (lowest)
  • Reflection, Adsorption, Diffusion, Diffraction, Refraction, and Transmission.
  • NRC = Noise Reduction Coefficient - Reflection, Absorption, & Diffusion
  • STC = Sound Transmission Coefficient (Walls) - (Detraction, Refraction, Transmission
  • CAC = Ceiling Attenuation Class (Ceilings) - Detraction, Refraction, Transmission