Techo Tile

spanish-s-tile-metal-roofing-th.jpgATAS International, Inc. offers the Spanish inspired Techo Tile panel system without the weight and breakage concerns of traditional clay or concrete tiles. 

Techo Tile is lightweight and easy to install.  This panel system can be installed over an existing roof (if local building codes allow) without the need for tear-off.  This cuts down on install costs and the environmental impact of roof replacement.

Techo Tile is just one of a very few simulated Spanish tile systems on the market made from aluminum, which is corrosion and combustion resistant, so it is the perfect panel system for ocean and wildfire environments.

With its positive fastened design, Techo Tile is resistant to high winds, torrential rain, heavy snow and ice loads; eliminating concerns associated with traditional clay and concrete tiles, such as wind-borne debris, and the falling and breakage of tiles in seismic events.

The Techo Tile panel system offers a built-in ASV system. ASV stands for “Above Sheathing Ventilation”, which allows airflow between the panel itself and the substrate. This helps with a potential for increased energy efficiency.