Ridge/Hip Assemblies

ridge-hip-assemblies-th.jpgAlong with our vast product line, ATAS offers a full range of ridge/hip assemblies for all our roof panels. Our ridge/hip assemblies are designed to meet structural, uplift, or ventilation requirements that may be needed for your building. Specific project engineering or design may be required depending on the requirements of the building. Our ridge/hip assemblies can be installed over plywood, oriented strand board (OSB), rigid insulation, roof huggers, and open framing.

ATAS ridge/hip assemblies offer easy installation and contractor friendly accessory items along with having multiple options for the design community.

  • Typically matches same material as the roof panels
  • Heavier gauge options available
  • .050 aluminum - caps that require brake forming
Brake Form Lengths:
  • 8’ - Granutile
  • 10’ - Advanta, Permashake II
  • 12’ - all other roof panels
Custom Lengths:
  • Available with a maximum of 20’
Stamped Profiles:
  • Specific to style

Installer Friendly Items:
  • Pre-Notched Zee Closures (Non-Vented or Vented)
    • Quick install that reduces cutting the zees into individual pieces around panel seams
    • In some cases, reduces the need for neoprene closures on ATAS weathertight warranty projects
  • Vented Ridge Assembly
    • Pre-notched zee closure has a built in vent area that allows for a two-piece ridge assembly compared to most vented ridge assemblies needing a three or four piece assembly
  • Over 30 standard colors
  • Smooth or embossed texture
  • Clear or dark bronze anodized available