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Permashake and Permashake II

Perma-Shake-Simulated-metal-wood-grain.jpgPermashake and Permashake II are two of six metal shingle types manufactured by ATAS International, Inc.
Permashake panels simulate the look of wood grained shingles without the maintenance associated with such a roof.

  • Available in .032 aluminum
  • Choice of over 30 stock colors
  • Minimum slope is 12:12 or greater
  • Top hem
  • Modular hip and ridge caps available
Typical applications:
  • Mansards
  • Decorative accents
  • Architectural applications

Permashake II
  • Available in 29 gauge metallic coated steel
  • Minimum slope is 4:12 or greater
  • Top and side hem for increased water resistance and wind uplift
  • Modular hip and ridge caps available
  • Redwood
  • Sierra Tan
  • Forest Green
  • Slate Grey
Typical Applications:
  • Residential roofs
  • Commercial roofs or mansards