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Monarch Batten Seam

metal-roof-batten-seam-residential-commercial.jpgThe Monarch™ Batten Seam panel is unique to ATAS International, Inc. and is derived from the traditional European batten seam.  With its integral batten seam and lock along with a vertical “leg” that is formed as an extra water barrier, the Monarch™ Batten Seam is an easy one-piece install that lowers on-site labor costs.

Features and Benefits:
  • Vertical “leg” to reduce any leakage through the lock system
  • Easy one-piece installation lowers on-site labor cost
  • No extra caps or strips to install
  • No special equipment is required to zip or seam the panels together

Wind-Lok™ Positive Locking Feature:
  • Guards against wind-driven rain and wind uplift
  • Still allows for air permeability
  • Virtually impossible for panel to slip apart
  • UL580 Class 90 uplift

Clip System:
  • 18 ga galvanized steel
  • .058” stainless steel
  • Provides space for a hex head fastener
  • Above sheathing ventilation (ASV) spacer shims can be utilized
  • Allows for expansion and contraction in the panel which reduces the appearance of oil canning