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How to Order Perimeter Edge Metal

order-perimeter-edge-metal-systems-th.jpgATAS offers a complete line of ES-1 tested Perimeter Edge Systems including Fascia, Gravel Stop, Drip Edge, and Coping.

Each edge system is made to order from ATAS’ wide selection of metals, gauges, and finishes with over 30 standard colors of PVDF paint on aluminum and steel. Architectural metals including stainless steel, zinc, and copper, along with custom colors are also available.

To assure the required perimeter edge system products are manufactured to fit the project conditions, ATAS provides specification sheets that can easily be filled out with the exact product needed and field conditions of the project.
Project name and information, product type, gauge, size and finish; and required product lineal footage and accessory quantities can all be recorded on the specification sheet.

ATAS also offers all the accessories that may be required for a complete installation including:
  • Miters
  • Tees
  • Zees
  • End caps
  • End terms
  • Peak miters
  • Valley miters
  • Step-up miters
  • Radius and vaulted conditions

Specification sheets for each accessory are also available from ATAS.

To learn more about ATAS’ Perimeter Edge Systems visit www.atas.com and click on “Perimeter Edge” under the “Products” tab. Spec sheets are available in the “Documents” section for each perimeter edge product.