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Dutch Seam Clips

standing-seam-metal-roof-clips-th.jpgClips for panel installation are highly engineered specific to the panel for which they are to be used. They are designed to resist panel disengagement when the system is under loading from wind pressures. Additional features can aid in installation and overall appearance of the installed panel system.

Features specific to Dutch Seam clips include:
  • One piece design allows for unrestricted movement of panel
  • Beveled edges of flat clips keep clip from binding in panel lock
  • Clearance ribs allow for fastener head to seat so that they do not show read through on panel surface and also increases structural capacity
  • A redesign moved holes closer to the front making the clip stronger by eliminating the pivot point
  • Under pressure a snap lock seam will want to spread. A greater capacity for resistance to uplift is achieved with a low attachment point. This point will impose the load on the panel sooner.