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Advanta Shingle

metal-shingle-roofing-th.jpgAdvanta Shingle is designed to function as an alternative to traditional asphalt shingles. Weighing less than a pound per square foot, the shingle is well suited for new construction or re-roof applications.
  • PVDF coating is resistant to algae and staining.
  • Metal composition and embossed texture provide protection from hail and storm projectiles.  Panel is fire resistant and will not support combustion.
  • 4-Way interlocking panel design is responsible for excellent resistance to uplift and wind driven rain.
  • Installation from eave to ridge and general layout are similar to standard asphalt shingles and make easier the transition from asphalt  to metal roofing installation.
  • Installed appearance is similar to regular asphalt shingle and presence of metal roof is discreet and “blends in”.
  • Panel has Florida Building Code Product Approval.
Advanta Shingles are manufactured from 29 gauge G90 Galvanized Steel and available in eight (8) standard colors as well as nine (9) Americana Classic Series colors.