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SRI Values on Painted Metal

SRI-Roof-Wall-Solar-Reflection-Thermal-Emittance.jpgATAS strives to integrate sustainability, resiliency and cool roofing, among other objectives, into its products to provide green options to the end user. Here, we highlight the relationship between SRI values and cool roofing.

  • SRI: a measure of the constructed surface’s ability to stay cool in the sun by reflecting solar radiation and emitting thermal radiation
  • Solar Reflectance: the fraction of solar energy that is reflected by a surface on a scale of 0 to 1. Black paint has a solar reflectance of 0; white paint (titanium dioxide) has a solar reflectance of 1. 
  • Thermal Emittance: the ratio of the radiant heat flux emitted by a specimen to that emitted by a blackbody radiator at the same temperature (adapted from Cool Roof Rating Council)

Cool Metal Roofing Benefits:
  • Reduces cooling energy usage
  • Helps to reduce peak demands during summer
  • Helps to decrease urban heat island effect

Other Factors To Achieve Sustainability Requirements:
  • Whole building modeling
  • Above sheathing ventilation