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Slitter and Cut to Length

Slitting-Line-precision-leveler-cut-to-length.jpgA Slitting Line is used to break master coils down into smaller coils of a specific width and/or weight.  A Slitting Line will uncoil a master coil and slit it to specified width(s). The slit coils, sometimes referred to as “mults” or “strips”, are then recoiled.  The finished slit coils produced by rotary Slitting Lines are used in roll forming and stamping applications.
ATAS Turret Slitter:
  • Turret head allows for simultaneous set up of next job
  • Shimless blades ensure appropriate gap between blades maximizing precision and eliminating burrs
  • Single large looping pit eliminates stress on metal during slitting process and maintains tight re-wrap of mults
ATAS Precision Leveling:
  • Flat Sheets
    • 6” up to 61” in width
    • 12” up to maximum transportation in length
    • .015 minimum thickness
    • .075 maximum thickness
  • Leveler Capabilities
    • Leveling is a process that corrects common inconsistencies inherent to metal listed below:
      • Coil Set
      • Cross Bow
      • Twisted Strip
      • Center Buckles
      • Edge Wave
Cut to Length allows flexibility to produce sheared blanks in a wide range of lengths with a minimum amount of scrap and handling.