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Roof Artist - Marketing Contractor Estimator Program

accel-roof-artist-visualizer-app.jpgAccel Roofing Products division developed the Roof Artist program to help marketing contractors complete takeoffs either prior to the visit or on-site, using any of the Accel division roofing products. This program, with applicable fees, allows marketing contractors to customize in-home sales presentations. 

The program includes:
  • Roof estimating application
  • Product brochures
  • Installation guides
  • Technical data sheets
  • Interactive roof simulator
  • Customizable in-home sales presentations

The contractor can:
  • Upload project photos, contracts and other working documents
  • Save customer data
  • Select specific products or show all Accel products
  • Order samples of specific products and color chips
  • E-mail reports of project details with “BEFORE” and “AFTER” simulations