Protective Masking

atas-protective-masking-th-(1).jpgATAS International, Inc. is among the few manufacturers in the industry that provide masking as a standard on its concealed and exposed fastener systems, coils and flat sheets. ATAS takes pride in setting itself apart from the competition by providing our customers with the best product quality we can.

Properties of Protective Masking
  • Thickness
    • mils
  • Adhesive level (tackiness)
    • A = Most adhesive level
    • B = Middle adhesive level
    • C = Least adhesive level
    • D = Special
  • Color
    • Clear
    • Opaque
    • UV Resistance
The ATAS Difference
  • Years of research for perfect match
    • Developed for ATAS products
  • Exceeds the industry standards
  • Four different grades of masking used for standard aluminum and steel
  • Film thickness
  • Adhesive level (tackiness)
Masking Benefits
  • Protection
    • Production
    • Shipment
    • Job site handling