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Proper Storage and Handling of Panels, Flat Sheets and Coils

atas-storage-handling-th-(1).jpgATAS is committed to providing comprehensive services to all involved. We work to ensure our products meet the best standards from production to shipping, handling, storage, and installation.

  • Initial inspection and review of paperwork
  • Confirm quantities and product with packing slip
  • Verify load appears intact with no visual external damage
  • Note any discrepancies on the bill of lading
  • Document any damage with photos and immediately report
Unloading with a forklift
  • Forks must be spread as wide as possible
  • Forks must be centered under the load
  • Allowable overhang is dependent on strength of panels or sheets in bundle
  • To prevent damaging material, forks should not extend beyond the load
  • A forklift or crane equipped with a spreader bar is acceptable for long bundles
    • Must have at least two inch wide nylon straps
    • Wire slings, rope or chains are not recommended
  • Avoid wrapping bundles, sheets or coils in tightly sealed plastic wrap to avoid trapping moisture inside
  • Protect product from dust and debris
  • To prevent collection or buildup of moisture is it important to allow airflow around product
  • Keep from direct sunlight to protect masking
  • Individual panel or sheets
    • Vertical carry is recommended to prevent sagging or bending
  • Coils
    • To prevent damage from forks, do not pick up through the center eye of the coil
For additional information on proper storage and handling, please visit the ATAS website: http://www.atas.com/details-and-guides