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Project of the Year

atas-project-of-the-year-th.jpgThe Project of the Year competition is an annual event when we showcase projects we have done for that year throughout the United States. The amount of entries continue to increase throughout the years as architects are able to utilize metal panels in unique applications and designs to accent the building. A group of third party judges are brought in to extensively review the projects and determine the winners. There are four current categories to win an award:
  • Commercial Walls
  • Commercial Roofs
  • Residential Walls
  • Residential Roofs

There are three placements per category, however; the first place comes with the greatest reward. During the awards ceremony, we showcase all of the projects and award the winners with a custom made plaque. We invite the architect, contractor, and distributor for each category and placement to the awards ceremony.  ATAS rewards the first place winner of each category by covering the cost for the travel and hotel during the ceremony dates. We also showcase the project on our website home page throughout the year and we will list your company next to the picture. Throughout the year we utilize the winners’ projects within national advertising.

To help us ensure your project is included within the competition, we now allow you to electronically send in your project pictures and any information on the project. To submit your project you can go onto our home page or use the direct link, www.atas.com/project-of-the-year-photo-entry.