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Project Delivery Methods

atas-project-delivery-methods-th.jpgProject delivery methods define how a project will be designed and constructed.  It is one of the most important decisions made by every building owner embarking on a construction project.  There are a variety of project delivery methods in use today, including:

  • All participants in design and construction are familiar with this traditional method, making knowledge of responsibilities and contracts well-understood.

  • Owner may select contractor based on his experience, reputation, and financial information. Negotiations in scope of work relative to funds can be refined.

Construction Management
  • Projects involving multiple contracts, fast-tracking, or are complex, requiring project management.

  • Single entity is responsible for design and construction which offers more control over timing and costs.

  • Owner saves costs by performing duties of the contractor.

Integrated Project Delivery
  • Collaboration between stakeholders and participants focusing on the project’s outcome rather than individual goals. Exchanging ideas and sharing information from conception saves money and time throughout projects’s progression.