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Pre-Notched Trim and Flashing Components

Pre-Notched-Trim-Flashing-Custom-Factory.jpgTrim and flashing components are often the most critical elements of a metal roof, wall and soffit installations.  These details provide weather resistance of the installed system as well as end aesthetic value.  ATAS can now provide a solution that can address both elements and speed up installation and control costs.
Common Problems
  • Correct overlap distances are not maintained
  • Quality of workmanship in field
  • Time to perform operation in field
  • Heavier gauges and multiple bends or complex shapes may make field notching extremely difficult
  • Highly engineered
  • Consistent dimensionally
  • Cleaner and more aesthetically pleasing  final installation
  • Eliminates unknown field costs and provides a more efficient installation
    • Saves contractor money