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Packaging of Finished Products at ATAS

Packaging-Finished-Products-Crate.jpgATAS International has a high level of commitment to how our materials are packaged. More man hours are spent making crates than filling them. We want to ensure the end user receives their materials unblemished. ATAS protects its materials from the factory to the final project.

Crating Levels:
  • Standard - Wood crates or skidding
  • Hefty* - Plywood on bottom. For flat stock only
  • Premium* - Crating and plywood on all sides of products

Accessories Packaging:
  • Braced packaging is utilized if trims are not self supporting
  • Downspouts are often boxed

ATAS Packaging Enhancements:
  • Scan code on all packaging that is cross referenced with material list - easy to locate materials
  • Custom packaging available - Extra protection; packaging for specific areas of project
  • Meets international standard for transportation compliance
* Additional charges for Hefty or Premium Crating