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Oxide Series Print Coat Paint Finish

oxide.jpgMade to look like weathered steel with a rust-like appearance, ATAS offers a timeless appearance to your project. Finally, you can combine the aesthetic appeal of aged metal with the advantage of brand new metal cladding with a PVDF finish.

Oxide Series Features:
  • Seven color options
  • .032 aluminum standard (check inventory for availability)
  • Other thicknesses of aluminum are available based on 8,000 sq. ft.
  • Print coat is ink based with a protective clear coat applied over it for durability
  • Product availability – any system that .032 aluminum is offered
  • ATAS exclusive patterns

Oxide Series Benefits:
  • This series will not stain surrounding surfaces
  • Can be used in typical .032 aluminum applications
  • Panels can be roll formed
  • Appearance will remain over time
  • Consistent appearance versus randomness of weathering steel
  • PVDF warranty available
  • Perforated panels are available