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Metal Substrates to be Coil Coated and Intro to Field Application

Painted aluminum and steel are among the most common base metals used in forming metal panels. While both materials offer advantages such as durability, the ability to be installed over open framing, and light weight, aluminum and steel offer unique benefits depending on environmental and job conditions.
For instance, painted aluminum offers superior performance in coastal regions due to its resistance to salt spray, while steel can be the product of choice for buildings where panels need to span long lengths between attachment points.
Choice of material can depend on some or all of these:
Spanning capability (steel generally performs better than aluminum)
Weight of material (aluminum is lighter than steel)
Strength of material (steel has stronger physical properties than aluminum)
Environment (don’t use aluminum on wet mortars; don’t use steel in salt water environments)
Roll forming or stamping process being used
ATAS Profiles and Material Availability 
  • Advanta
  • ScanRoof
  • Standing Seam Shingle
  • CastleTop
  • Techo Tile
  • Metafor
  • Versa-Seam 
  • Versa-Lok
  • Arc-Metafor
  • Grand C
  • Grand V
Aluminum and Steel
  • Dutch Seam
  • Field-Lok
  • PC System
  • Monarch Batten Seam
  • Curved Field-Lok
  • Curved PC System
  • Rumba Shake
  • Belvedere Series 
  • Design Wall
  • Corra-Lok
  • Multi-Purpose
  • Opaline
  • Rigid Wall & Rigid Wall II
  • Curved Corrugated