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MCA Certification Program

MCA-Certified-Installation-Guide.jpgATAS has been a member of the Metal Construction Association (MCA) since 1986. The MCA is an organization of manufacturers and suppliers whose metal products are used in structures throughout the world. Since it was formed in 1983, MCA has focused on one key strategy - to promote the use of metal in the building envelope through marketing, education, and action on public policies that affect metal’s use.

Contractor Benefits:
  • What type of contractors:
  • Residential contractors
  • Commercial contractors
  • Pre-engineered building contractors
  • Individuals can separate themselves from the competition by passing the exam 
  • Training tool for new employees to understand proper techniques
  • Purchasing the proper equipment
  • Helps them understand amount of labor each system requires, which leads to better bidding and execution of the installed system

Distributor Benefits:
  • Better understanding of their customers’ business
  • Added sales by having tools and accessories  the contractor will need
  • They can use it as a tool to help new customers grow into metal

Architect Benefits:
  • As a reference guide
  • Guidelines are being done nationally versus locally
  • Could be added to specification – MCA Trained Installer
  • Use it as a guide to help ensure correct installation of metal roof system